Perfecting Your Multi-Channel Sales Strategy

Perfecting Your Multi-Channel Sales Strategy

More than half of the online global sales in 2018 were made on the top 100 marketing sites such as Amazon and Ebay. With the substantial amount of money and customers flooding into online marketplaces, many sellers struggle with which channels and platforms to use. With a multi-channel approach, you can boost visibility for your business’s products and/or services and quickly build your products and services lists with existing templates. In addition, you can track channel sales by various metrics. Here are 4 ways for you to perfect your multi-channel sales strategy.

Choose the Right Channels

Before you dive in, you need to do your homework to find out which channels fit your business the best. Each channel you look at will cost you in the form of money and time.  You have to evaluate infrastructure – how easy will it be to integrate with what you already have in place. You have to look at where and how you will host it – who has the platform that best meets your needs and how long will it take for you to learn it?  You have to determine who will manage it – will you utilize a service or have a dedicated, on-site employee? If you are small, you may feel more comfortable starting with just a single channel to get your systems in place – but if you do this your system needs to be able to grow as you do.

Find the Best Multi-Channel Experience

Once you have chosen your channels, you have to find the proper platform.  This is a difficult quest. There are many different platforms out there and you need to find what best suits your needs.  Not only do you need to take your budget into consideration, but you also need to find the platforms that work well with your industry – they need to be flexible as well as functional so that they can grow with you.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Customer experience is essential when perfecting your strategy. You need to determine what you think that the customer experience should look like and how you can implement that.  Once you have implemented it, you are not done. It is very important to follow up with customers regarding their experience. You need to know which channel they used, what they thought of the experience and what they would like to see in the future.  This way you know what channels and strategies are working and what needs improvement.

Simplify Your multi-channel management

Once you have defined your channels, platform and customer experience, you want to make sure that your process is as streamlined as possible.  As your business grows and you start adding more channels, you want to make sure that you are able to generate sales data from all the networks, utilize the data you have captured to continually improve your customer’s experience and capitalize on new opportunities.  You want to make sure that you are able to maximize profits in all the different channels. 


While it can be incredibly challenging for businesses to stand out from the competition, a multi-channel approach provides the foundation needed to sell more products and services. If you are ready to start your journey, but looking for guidance on the best strategy for you, or looking to revamp what systems you already have in place we can help.  Gorilla can provide you with the resources you need to develop, or update, your multi-channel strategy to fit your needs – so contact us today!