Marketing Trends for 2020: What’s Going to be Hot?

Marketing Trends for 2020: What’s Going to be Hot?


It’s almost 2020, where has the time gone? We all know that the world of marketing continuously evolves as the years go by. And with all the marketing channels there are today, it can get a bit confusing on where your marketing budget is best spent and where you’ll get the best return. Let’s dive into what we think are the hottest marketing trends moving forward in 2020 for YOUR future!


Social Media
Okay, so social media isn’t new but who knew it’d get so big! Social media continues to thrive because it is the perfect way to engage with your customers and ensure they are having a great buying experience. Alongside social media, you can also take advantage of the marketing technology social media has to offer. More and more companies today are utilizing facebook, instagram, twitter, and linkedin to promote products and keep customers interested. If your social media game isn’t great, you can take a look at ringing in the new year with a new social media marketing strategy.


Visualization is so important these days. People tend to not read past the 3rd sentence (if the content isn’t engaging). It is also a fact that most people are visual learners. So why not give them something visual to look at? Videos, meme’s, and infographics are a great way to spruce up your visual content and keep your customers engaged.




Customer Focus
We can’t stress this enough. FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMERS!! If this isn’t something you are doing now, do it in 2020. Customers want to feel special so make sure your marketing strategy is customized for them. Focus on building a positive business culture and providing great service, the marketing will pretty much take care of itself. Provide them with the best experience so they come back for more!


Is 2020 the year for a robot takeover? I think not, but AI technology and automation continues to improve at a rapid rate. AI is one of the major technologies behind voice search and smart assistants – it’s also made chatbots possible. AI technology and automation help take some of the work out of marketing so you can concentrate on strategy and creating a sensational customer experience. The human aspect is still very important so use this technology to enhance your marketing efforts, not replace your team.


Yes, these marketing tactics aren’t new – but they are tactics to focus on more so you’re able to reap the rewards. So think about it; 2020 = new year, new you, and NEW BUSINESS! Sounds good, right? And If you happen to find yourself stuck in a rut, give us a call!