3 SaaS Applications for Your Small Business

3 SaaS Applications for Your Small Business


Small businesses don’t necessarily have the huge marketing budget that other companies might have, but that doesn’t mean they are out of the game; so let’s talk SaaS (software-as-a-service). Using SaaS tools and applications for your small business will help you advance in the marketing game. By implementing SaaS applications, you will see how these tools increase and speed up sales. The use and needs of SaaS tools and applications will only increase in the future because of the ease of use and flexibility they provide. Let’s check out a few SaaS tools you might consider for your small business.



Customer Relationship Management software is pretty much a no brainer. Every business is going to have customers and you need a spot to “house” this information. CRMs help businesses build strong relationships with your clients. You have a central location to continually update as you learn more about your customer.  Businesses can then use CRM software to process and analyze customer data, create sales funnels, and carry out loyalty campaigns. The biggest benefit of CRM software is the ability to categorize customers according to their expectations as well as devote time to potential buyers. While shopping for CRM softwares be aware of the flexibility of the software. Will you be able to use the software with other SaaS applications you plan to use?


Live Chat

The AI technology these days is astounding. Live chat software can be used by companies to offer instant assistance to their website customers and visitors. Live chat provides a timely alternative to mail and telephone when dealing with customer queries and complaints. There are two main live chat options: Proactive and broadcasting. Proactive is when a visitor or customer goes on to your site and the live chat box pops open right away greeting your customers. Broadcasting is when your customer initiates the conversation with the live chat box. The live chat application should offer useful features, such as preference settings for chat windows and archiving and reporting tools. When shopping around for live chat options check to make sure it is easily integratable with your other SaaS applications such as your CRM, website, and other marketing applications.

Email Marketing Software

This is important. If you are looking to engage with your customers – look no further. Besides social media, email marketing is a pretty big deal. There are over 102 trillion emails sent annually – so it is no doubt that the top marketing tool these days is email marketing.  It continues to be one of the key solutions for small and large businesses. When searching for the right Email Marketing Software look for a comprehensive, cloud-based email marketing and business management suite. You want a platform with flexibility and features. Make sure it will integrate with your other tools, especially your CRM, because you’re going to need it! Email marketing tools are among the most sought after by marketers, so make sure you’re getting the right one for your needs.


We could spend days talking about all the different SaaS applications available on the market today, and the SaaS industry continues to grow. It’s easy to see the benefits that SaaS tools provide to business small and large, but the flexibility is ideal for businesses with small budgets. Imagine your marketing and business operations on a more high scale level. Essentially that’s what you’re getting when you add SaaS applications to your business.


If you are looking for more info on SaaS applications and how they can help your business, let us know. We can help!