Working From Home: Improving Your Remote Meetings

By April 23, 2020Technology

Working From Home: Improving Your Remote Meetings


The way teams collaborate and work is changing to accommodate the pandemic we face today. Outsourcing and remote workforces are on the rise. And remote meetings have become an essential part of your everyday workflow. With remote meetings you always have an internal fear of the meeting not being as productive as a face-to-face meeting. There are ways you can improve remote collaboration while holding remote meetings. Let’s take a look at a few tips on improving your remote meetings.


Plan an Agenda

We won’t stress enough how important it is to be prepared for your meeting. It helps make the process smooth and painless. Prepare an agenda, you can add the agenda to your meeting invite so everyone can see the meeting topics that will be discussed and in turn allows them to be prepared as well with questions or concerns in regards to certain topics. Deviating from the agenda can cause distractions and low productivity.



Showing your screen in real-time gives your participants the effect of “looking over your shoulder”. You can have others share their screen or “present” as they are talking. Screen Sharing technology is the closest thing to a face-to-face meeting. Instead of presenting with your computer during a face-to-face meeting, you’ll be presenting from home the same way. Currently, there are multiple screen share service options available today – they are easy to use and can make your meetings more productive.


Have small talk before the meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, spend time just chatting with your participants. Small talk is an effective way to engage and be personable with your attendees and gives them the feeling of having their presence be known. Ultimately, it’s going to make everyone feel connected and gives you all a chance to catch up for a couple of minutes.


Limit the number of attendees

Having a remote meeting with more than 5 participants is difficult. It is harder to get everyone to participate, it is easier to talk over people, there are more distractions and sounds. It’s best to have meetings with 5 or fewer participants – this helps improve the meeting quality for everyone. Having a meeting with 2 to 3 people is ideal because you are able to have everyone engage more with little to no distractions and it helps create an overall better culture within your organization.


Send a follow up with action items

Send a reminder email to all attendees of the meeting to recap what the meeting was about, list out action items and responsible parties, and any due dates that were set during the meeting. This increases the effectiveness of the meeting. Be sure to follow up on the action items, you don’t want these items to go unresolved. 

The biggest challenge for remote meetings is keeping your participants engaged. By utilizing the tips above your meetings can be productive, engaging, and make all attendees feel comfortable and connected through the difficult times we are facing today. If you have questions please reach out to us, we’re here to help!