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The Challenge

Tracking the sales and marketing activities of your partners is difficult, but critically important for driving revenues. The problem is that all too often, the important partner information that sales and marketing teams need is unavailable:

  • What happened to the leads I gave my partner?
  • Which sales representatives are working the leads?
  • Are my partner’s sales people sending the right marketing materials to customers?
  • What solutions are my partner’s sales people selling?
  • Are your sales materials being effectively used by your partners?

The Gorilla Solution

Gorilla Bridge Metrics is designed to empower the sales and marketing efforts of both your company and your partners.  Best of all, it helps sales people get the materials they need without logging into a portal or producing a sales report. As part of your channel sales support system,Gorilla Bridge Metrics lets you:

  • Provide content and marketing campaigns to your partners and sales people and get usage and engagement reports in real-time.
  • See what collateral your partner sales representatives are sending to their customers.
  • Gain insights into what marketing materials those customers are receiving.
  • Get real-time, closed-loop lead tracking on all leads delivered to your partners.

The Gorilla Benefits

  • Increase the use of your sales support content.
  • Track how content is actually used by sales and end users.
  • Control the latest versions to ensure messaging and branding is always up to date.
  • Understand the impact of your content at enabling sales and influencing prospects.
  • Understand how sales representatives use your content.
  • Enable sales team to make more effective sales presentations anywhere, anytime.
  • Identify the top producers and see how they are achieving success.