We’ll take your channel sales results to a higher level.

Cloud is a game changer for technology vendors and their channel partners. The problem is that most resellers have built their business around a model that’s difficult to change. They need help adapting to cloud and a new financial, operational, and commercial business model. Not only that, their sales teams needs to be retrained to sell service subscriptions—and work under a new compensation model.

The Gorilla Solution

With our many years of working in global channels and supporting vendors and partners through multiple channel transformations, we’ve gained extensive experience in change management. With innovative custom solutions and packaged service offerings, we can help you and your channel partners make the transition.

Through a comprehensive partner audit, we can determine where your partners are on the path to cloud—and what kind of support they need. We can guide you through the process of developing a new cloud strategy and creating new partner programs. Our highly experienced inside Channel Account Managers will work with you every step of the way from business planning to cloud sales training programs. Our proven methodologies and unique “target list creation” technologies are exactly what you need to recruit new cloud partners and create a new cloud ecosystem.

The Gorilla Benefits

  • Build your business. Successfully acquire new born-in-the-cloud partners and cut your time to achieve revenue.
  • Capture new customers. Increase your market share and build cloud pipeline.
  • Lower costs. Streamline your sales process and create a new, cost efficient channel sales model.
  • Implement global programs. Help your partners utilize contra marketing funds and guide them in new cloud tactical marketing best practices.
  • Future-proof your business. Cloud business is the current standard and we have the expertise to help you and your partners make the transition.

Some of our channel partners were having problems adapting to cloud and retraining their sales forces. At the same time, our products are constantly evolving. To help find a way forward, we called in Gorilla for a channel audit. Thanks to that, we shed 40% of our legacy channel and reduced management costs. Now we know what kind of partners we need and how to win them over.

Channel Sales Manager - Global Networking Company