We’ll help you find new, more profitable partners and empower your underperformers.

The Challenge

The channel is a dynamic environment—and you need to change along with it. That means developing new channel mapping strategies and new partners. But how do you do that when your internal resources are already stretched managing your current channel relationships?   

The Gorilla Solution

Recruiting and motivating the right channel partners is critical to running a successful channel program. For more than two decades, we’ve helped hundreds of companies successfully find the right partners to maximize channel sales. Leveraging our extensive experience in partner recruitment, we will help you successfully repackage, refine and redefine your commercial value proposition to attract and administer the most productive partner relationships.

MSPs, Value Added Resellers and System Integrators are often highly specialized and very fragmented. Our comprehensive channel recruitment program will help you reach the right partners for your organization and ensure that they are successful.

The Gorilla Benefits

  • Strategy Development. We work with you to understand your partner recruitment strategy, program objectives and revenue goals.
  • Partner Profiling. Recruiting partners is not difficult—but finding the right partners is. Gorilla provides the proper market segmentation to make sure that we are focusing on recruiting the right partners, with the right client focus, expertise and budget to ensure a successful relationship.
  • Reporting and Metrics. With our real-time reporting you always know the status of your program—including recruitment details, on-boarding and pipeline potential.

The Gorilla team has a deep understanding of the specific challenges that technology vendors, distributors and resellers face—and they have the experience and strategic vision to help them thrive.

VP Global Sales - Leading IT manufacturer