Partner Ecosystems: Partner Scorecard

Increase onboarding and engagement success, recruiting the best and brightest with a custom scorecard helping plan and allocate resources.

In the eighth episode of our “Partnership Ecosystems Improvement” webinar series, we explored the concept of partner recruitment and the power of the scorecard.

With over 30 years in channel we know the current climate is recruitment is more than just calling up companies and asking them if they want to sell your product. There is a process and art to identifying and recruiting partners. Do you know which partners should you be investing in, which partners are transacting regularly and what opportunities you are missing? Mapping out your channel so you can clearly see any weaknesses and opportunities along with focus areas for investment and growth. By using a scorecard as a base for initial assessment you can make a great start to an overarching effective strategy.

But developing your partner scorecard can be a daunting business, with common mistakes and unobvious pitfalls causing the breakdown of many a program strategy right from inception. Our simple and flexible template scorecard helps provide an easy to use yet scientific approach to best assessing and grouping partners ready for your program. Fill out the form to get your copy.

Need some more guidance? Our channel specialists have you covered, recruitment? no problem. Just want a larger-scale tech solution to score and manage your partners? we can help


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