Competition is fiercer than ever. We are your edge.

At Gorilla we have one focus – helping technology vendors measure, grow, enable, and manage their IT channel. Whether you are a startup or an established company, we have programs that will help you maximize your channel investment.

In today’s global market, companies around the world are fighting for the same business, threatening established sales channels, markets and relationships. Technologies such as cloud and big data are making the traditional ways of doing business extinct. Customers armed with market knowledge and product information are demanding more.

Without an experienced guide and the right toolkit, you can easily lose your way and fall prey to the competition. To thrive in this environment, you need Gorilla’s channel experience on your side. Over the last two decades, through all kinds of market conditions, we’ve created and managed more than 6,000 successful projects for over 800 enterprises. We know the territory. We have knowledge, ideas and track record to help you succeed.


We can help your business grow organically by increasing your customer base, improving productivity and finding new channels of distribution.

Industry experience

With our vast channel marketing knowledge base we create smart marketing programs aligned with your unique business needs and objectives.

Powerful solutions

Our solutions leverage the latest technologies and best practices to help you accelerate growth and gain competitive advantage.

Global presence

With subsidiaries covering most regions of the world, we can give you worldwide coverage with local connections.

Thought leadership

As a member of the United Nations Technology Agency (UNITU), we are in touch with future technology, trends and disruptors, and can help you implement future-proof commercial strategies.


We are fully compliant with ISO 9001 quality standards, assuring you that our processes and operations meet procurement standards requirements.

Services and Solutions

Move Channel Partners
to the Cloud

Managed Funded

Partner Recruitment
and Enablement

P2P Ecosystems

Lead Generation

Channel Marketing

Partner Marketing

Channel Marketing


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Technology Tools

Gorilla Silverback

We have a simple, fast, automated way to get the company and customer contact information you need: the Gorilla Silverback Data Mining Suite.  Through an easy-to-use dashboard, you simply type in a company name and it’s URL. Gorilla Silverback automatically finds and searches the site and gathers the names, titles and contact information you need. Once it’s finished harvesting the information, Gorilla Silverback can automatically download it to a spreadsheet or your CRM system, ready for prospecting.

Gorilla Bridge Metrics

Gorilla Connect is designed to empower the sales and marketing efforts of both your company and your partners.  Best of all, it helps sales people get the materials they need without logging into a portal or producing a sales report. As part of your channel sales support system, Gorilla Connect lets you:
Provide content and marketing campaigns to your partners and sales people and get usage and engagement reports in real-time.
See what collateral your partner sales representatives are sending to their customers.
Gain insights into what marketing materials those customers are receiving.
Get real-time, closed-loop lead tracking on all leads delivered to your partners.

Some of our channel partners were having problems adapting to cloud and retraining their sales forces. At the same time, our products are constantly evolving. To help find a way forward, we called in Gorilla for a channel audit. Thanks to that, we shed 40% of our legacy channel and reduced management costs. Now we know what kind of partners we need and how to win them over.

Channel Sales Manager - Global Networking Company

The Gorilla team has a deep understanding of the specific challenges that technology vendors, distributors and resellers face—and they have the experience and strategic vision to help them thrive.

VP Global Sales - Leading IT manufacturer


Alchemy World

Gorilla Corporation is committed to increasing economic prosperity and freedom through human as well commercial channels. With Alchemy World, our ground-breaking, charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO), we’re passionately committed to helping motivated and visionary young people realize their potential by supporting their ambition to create their own businesses.

Today, we’re focusing our efforts on young people in Ethiopia and East Africa. We’re determined to help eradicate poverty in those regions through education, social entrepreneurship, fair trade and community support. Our objective is to create long-term, self-sustaining solutions by enabling people to develop the skills they need to realize their potential, and in the process, help their communities and nations grow out of poverty.



Gorilla Corporation does much more than help build healthy business ecosystems. We are also deeply committed to preserving and protecting natural ecosystems that are being destroyed around the world. Today, the magnificent Ethiopian Lion is threatened. Poaching, trophy hunters and especially habitat erosion have brought these magnificent animals to the brink of extinction.

Alchemy World, together with LionAid, is working to prevent this from happening. LionAid carries out world leading research into lion conservation and engages directly with politicians and decision makers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Internationally. Working together, we’re developing programs that protect these magnificent animals and generate significant social, cultural, ecological and economic benefits for the communities and nations where they live.


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