Understanding your business to build an offering that helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Many channel partners have challenges with a lack of focused marketing resources to allow them to create marketing dedicated to one vendor.

We offer a full suite of marketing agency services including creative design production, digital marketing, email services and advanced conversion optimization which your partners can leverage to support demand generation efforts.

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“Gorilla has helped us with data enrichment, email campaigns, telescripts, lead follow ups, and whatever marketing tactic we need. Through the Sage concierge program, they have supported our new go to market strategy of targeting specific micro vertical bundles, enabling us to get better traction in the market.”

Sherry Simmerman – Marketing Director, DWD Technology

Marketing Strategy

Gorilla can work with vendors and partners to look at their whole marketing strategy and help them determine what to focus on to drive the results they are looking for. We can help look at each stage of the sales funnel and work with them to fill any gaps in the customer journey.

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Content and Design

Content – We can build on and offline content for channel partners starting from working with them on value proposition right through to building marketing assets such as case studies, brochures, cheat sheets or email campaigns and landing page content.

Creative Design – Visuals are performing better than text-based content across all marketing mediums. This is why creative design is crucial. Let the team at Gorilla take your brief and produce what you need to really provoke attention.

ABM and Lead Generation

ABM – In today’s channel environment, you need a lead generation campaign that covers all your bases. You need to utilize all your resources to reach your audience – emails, social media and telemarketing. When you combine them into one campaign, you have a powerful tool to grow your business.

Telemarketing – We offer telemarketing services that can help with following up on leads from a campaign, nurturing them and driving them through to appointment setting with sales

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Salesforce and HubSpot Certified Experts

We have certified team members ready to support your Salesforce needs:

  • Administrators
  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Marketers

We have certified team members ready to support your HubSpot needs:

  • Marketers
  • Administrators
  • Consultants
  • Developers

Digital Services

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Search Engine Optimization

Optimized and tailored for your business – Our search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns deliver proven, measurable results that increase website traffic, customer inquiries, sales and ultimately online revenue.

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Conversion Optimisation

Increasing conversion rates is key to driving inbound sales! We make sure your website is converting traffic into business and that the customer experience is seamless and intuitive.

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Social Media

Engage productively on a personal level – Connect with your customers through our proven social media strategies. We can also help you determine which are the best social channels to leverage for the best return on your investment.

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Web Development

A key to getting a better return from online activities is to have a visually pleasing, user-friendly website with all search engine demands met. We work with partners of all sizes and budgets to create successful websites that rank well and attract visitors. The result? More leads & customers.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

High performing paid digital advertising – Increase sales and inquiries with the help of our PPC experts. Our team has extensive experience in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management to help partners maximize their return on paid advertising investment.

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Animated Ads

Captivating Content In A Moving World – The question of modern display advertising is; ‘How well do your organization’s ads stand out?’ Gorilla provides your ads with increased emphasis and quality engagement potential with eye-catching animations.

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Video Production

Rich, powerful media really speaks – Capturing people’s attention is the biggest hurdle between businesses and their customers. No matter how good the product, it will always sell with greater efficacy when the audience is engaged and have brand awareness. Video is an incredibly diverse way to spread your messaging.

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Want to make things even easier?

We have technology that can help you and your partners publish great joint marketing to end-customers, fast.

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