Get to know your Partner Program better

Do you know which partners should you be investing in, which partners are transacting regularly and what opportunities you are missing?  We can map out your channel so you can clearly see any weaknesses and opportunities along with focus areas for investment and growth utilizing our proprietary scorecarding platform.

“Gorilla team helped VozTelecom to implement and structure the launch of a new partner program. They worked with us from the beginning, helping us to identify targets, to scorecard new partners and to convince them to be part of the new VozTelecom partner program. Their collaboration in the project has been really helpful to define the different stages we needed to follow to achieve our targets. We worked with Gorilla as a team, sharing ideas, targets and ambition. Gorilla has been part of our success.”

Esther Guals – Marketing Director, VozTelecom


How well do you know your partner landscape?

Discover more about your partner relationships old and new and plan for a brighter program future with Partner Sales scorecarding from Gorilla. Giving you quantifiable metrics to help identify success and opportunities within your channel. Read the Case study to find out more.

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Our scorecards can provide you with intel on current and future partners

A scorecard is a way to identify the ideal partner and to determine how your existing partners are performing. Our experienced team works with you to create a list of characteristics depending on your objectives for scorecarding. The ultimate output is a ranked list of partners with scorecarding based on your goals.

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Strategy Development

Gorilla works with you to understand your partner recruitment strategy, program objectives and revenue goals.

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Partner Programs

Gorilla focus on recruiting the right partners, with the right client focus, expertise and budget, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Reporting & Metrics

Gorilla provides real-time reports allowing you to always know the status of your program, including suitable partner details, their interest in working with you, and more.

Live Growth Dashboard

We can help you create a real-time dashboard of the growth opportunities in your network. Together with sales data from any existing CRM environment, the scorecard transforms into a dynamic timeline revealing the progress of the partners and their growth. Our analysis will help show you which partners are meeting their targets and which need attention.

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