Extend your marketing reach and influence with dedicated channel marketing resources

We have the right people to fill the gaps and help your partners drive demand with our Virtual Partner Marketing Concierge services. Whether you are looking for a high-touch, white-glove approach or a low-touch, customer success approach, Gorilla has you covered with experienced marketing support.


The Struggle is Real!

We consistently hear the same feedback from channel partners when surveying the channel:

  • They don’t have the time to understand complex vendor programs or platforms
  • They don’t always have the dedicated resources or teams with the marketing skills to run marketing campaigns on your platform
  • They have many vendors they are focussed on, so it’s challenging to dedicate resources to one vendor to build campaigns
  • There’s a sales and marketing disconnect, so the sales and/or marketing priorities don’t always match and this creates issues with SLA’s and lead generation
  • Co-marketing funds and programs aren’t always leveraged completely or efficiently, in terms of benefits and achieving the best ROI
  • It’s difficult to measure ROI on channel marketing activity – particularly when looking at revenue marketing and the relationship between pipeline projections and actual revenue
  • And the list goes on…

At Gorilla we understand these challenges and we have the solutions!

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Expertise to meet your needs

Gorilla Marketing Concierges (also called VPMM’s – Virtual Partner Marketing Managers) provide you with the resources you need to make sure that your partners are onboarded to your partner portal and they have the training they need to get the most from your program.

In addition, the vPMM will work with your partners to understand their focus while ensuring alignment with your strategy and goals each quarter – ultimately focused on demand generation and revenue. They provide personalized, custom marketing support to your partners, which allows them to leverage any content, programs or platforms you have available to them, along with other programs and funding.

The Concierge Value

Partner Concierges can act as a guide or work closely with your partners to develop marketing plans, build assets and execute on behalf of the partners. The concierge team will also help you with closed-loop reporting, along with results and ROI tracking.

The program benefits the partner, resulting in increased partner loyalty and increased marketing activity. The ultimate result is the growth of a stronger relationship between you and your partners.  This leads to more demand generating activities, resulting in increased revenue for you and your partners, along with the ability to seamlessly track and measure results.

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“Working with Gorilla ... has been a breath of fresh air. The business only have their clients interests at heart and go above and beyond to help & align to the business objectives and GTM strategies to maximise on revenues for all parties involved. Also, to note the culture, attentiveness and the genuine natured employees that work with you on projects is just in a word “Amazing”. I would recommend Gorilla to anyone and any organisation due to the success I have personally seen derive from this relationship. Thank you Gorilla for everything you do, keep up the great work!”

Lee Cunningham – Vendor Manager, Nutanix

Need to further Evolve your Ecosystem?

Gorilla’s Partner Scoring gives you peace of mind and quantifiable data to know where your partners need help.

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