Chatbots for B2B Lead Generation

Chatbots for B2B Lead Generation


Chatbots is not new technology, they have been around for many years, but they are developing into more than just a clunky robot that you interact with for basic needs.  With the massive jumps in AI technology, chatbots can be taught to be not only interactive, but responsive to your leads and to your clients. Perhaps it is worth the time and money in order to adopt ‘Conversational Marketing’ chatbots. 

Think of chatbots as the next step in the evolution of technology; they’re built to help businesses automate communication with customers and reduce the “human” factor in these interactions.  Some chatbots are command based: they respond to input and cannot operate outside their programming. But the real gem is in the ones that have artificial intelligence: they have the ability to learn, to refine their logic and to expand their internal programming. 

As with any software there are pros and cons. You need to do your research and take the time to consider both the pros and cons when determining if the use of chatbots for lead generation is beneficial for your business.

Let’s briefly look at some of those Pros.  When utilizing chatbots you are saving time. A chatbots response time is impeccable! Your customer won’t be waiting while your sales team searches for the answer to their questions, the chatbot will know exactly how to respond – and intelligently. Chatbots are not working less but instead they are working more efficiently – for you, allowing your sales team to focus more on nurturing other leads and closing deals.

Other pros include: improving communication with customers, developers are not needed, giving the option to those who dislike speaking with real people, and more!

Now, while all of this is great, there are some cons for chatbots. Chatbots cannot create content, there are special rules for chatbot social media, and chatbot interaction is not quite at the level of human interaction and emotion.  And finally, the simple fact is that not all inquiries can be handled by chatbots so you will eventually need to lead them to real people. 

There is really no reason why chatbots should not be used for B2B lead generation; the pros definitely outweigh the cons. As long as you have the right content design and you are tracking the chatbot’s interactions – this will work. Before you know it, leads could be pouring in and your sales team can pick up where the chatbot leaves off. CHA-CHING!

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