Why A Marketing Concierge Program is a Must for Your Business

Why A Marketing Concierge Program is a Must for Your Business


Every market is unique and has it own challenges. Your partners are busy. They want you to deliver leads, ready to close. So how do you do this? Leading channel marketing companies, such as Gorilla, offer a marketing concierge program to service channel partners. A marketing concierge program equips your partners to go to market and gives them the resources to address their small business needs. By reaching out to your partner network and providing them with customizable marketing solutions, along with support and training, you will let them know you are truly focusing on their needs. 


With a marketing concierge program, you provide partners with a set of marketing tactics and programs. Essentially, this creates a marketing menu of sorts from which they pick and choose what works best for them. This can include email, direct and print mail, social media marketing, and paid search. Anything that has to do with marketing, the concierge program can do for you. Most of the time you will get assigned a marketing concierge team member, in our case, we assign a virtual partner marketing manager (vPMM) team member to be your go-to contact for all things marketing.

How does a marketing concierge program help partners? 

Easy. How does greater engagement, cost savings, trackability, and consistency sound? A concierge program will engage your partners by giving them your resources and a dedicated marketing concierge team member that responds to their needs. Partners are more engaged because the program is giving them more control in how they market your brand and build their business. As for cost savings, you are providing the partner with pre-approved brand marketing tactics all from one marketing platform. You have the flexibility of offering different amounts of funding – making this easy and cost efficient for the partner. With trackability, you are able to see which tactics are working and which aren’t. This in turn, helps make marketing decisions easier in the future. And with consistency, you are carrying a consistent brand message while allowing partners to add their business information and other customized content. This co-branding is very powerful for marketing. Let’s just say a marketing concierge program is a win-win for both parties.


So, as the new year comes and you are planning your next channel program and budget, maybe consider a channel marketing company that offers a marketing concierge program. Just think of the ways a program like this can effectively help your business grow. And if you need help or have questions about Gorilla’s channel concierge program, please give us a call today!