Partner Ecosystems: Designing Your Channel Strategy


19 January 2023


1:00 - 2:00 PM CST




Cybersecurity Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

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Join Carlo & Gilles as they discuss designing a channel strategy for your partner ecosystem

In the first two webinars we presented – “Partner Ecosystems Challenges for Vendors and Partners” and “Partner Ecosystems: Building a Roadmap” – we laid out the foundation for why it is necessary to build a strong channel and the 6 areas to focus on in that process.  In this third episode, we will start looking at how you devise a strategy that will allow you to create a framework for a strong partner channel ecosystem.  A few questions to consider include: 

  • What does a Channel Strategy look like? 
  • What elements are involved? 
  • What do you need to build a strong channel? 



Round profile picture Carlo Brayda (png)

Carlo de Belvedere Tortorabrayda
CEO of Gorilla Corporation

Round profile picture Gilles (png)


Round Aaron Solomon profile picture (png)

Gilles Esposito
Vice Chair at Tortora Brayda institute 

Aaron Solomon
Director of Operations, Gorilla Corporation